Readings are available in recorded form upon request.

30 min Tarot                                $35.00

60 min Tarot                                $60.00
60 min Tarot w/ Numerology    $75.00
90 min Tarot                                $90.00

90 min Tarot w/ Numerology    $100.00

30 min Mediumship Connection      $45.00            

60 min Mediumship Connection      $75.00


Tarot & Mediumship Readings

Intuitive Oracle, Tarotist & Medium
Certified Lifeforce Energy Healer

"The soul is a masterpiece... Spirit connection sparks a light from within, and my clients illuminate like stained glass.

The cards tell me their stories.... and I share what I see."

Amie uses the tools of Tarot and Oracle Cards to help connect clients to the information, guidance and wisdom they seek.

A reading with Amie is time spent in sacred space during which questions are answered, messages from Spirit may be received and greater understanding and healing can be found.



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